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Crochet stitch markers

Learn easy way to make your own crochet stitch markers!

Stitch markers are great. They give you heads up on upcoming change in pattern. Crochet stitch markers are different from knitting stitch markers. They have additional clasp (lobster claw) to attach them to your crochet masterpiece.

These crochet stitch markers are fast and easy to make and you probably have all you need at home.

You will need (6 pieces): beading wire, 6 clasps, 12 crimp beads, 10 larger wooden beads, 24 smaller beads, wire cutters.

How to use stitch markers: If not otherwise stated in tutorial, put stitch on stitch where stitch change/increase/decrease begins. In the next row when you come to the stitch marker, lift it as you make stitch above this one, make marked change and continue to crochet.

If you crochet in the round, make one stitch marker different from the others and use this one to mark beginning of the row.

This is it! I hope you will spend much fulfilling hours crocheting!



p.s. For knitting stitch markers tutorial follow this link!

Cut 6 pieces of beading wire 12 cm/4.7 inch long. Put clasp, twist in half and put crimp bead as in photo.

Put beads on stitch marker like this: one smaller, one larger, two smaller, one larger, one smaller. Finish with crimp bead and cut excess of beading wire.

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