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Article of the month: Easy knitted lace

When I started to knit, I was amazed with lace knitting. I think I learned how to knit just to be able to knit lace. But it turned out to be much harder than it looks like. Many times I gave up from making something  just because it was just too hard to make.

With time I realized that my mistake was that I started with too complicated patterns. Don't make the same mistake! Start with this easy technique. You will be surprised how many things you can make with this easy technique!

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Photo of the month: Man’s cabled cowl

Cellphone bag1.jpg

Cellphone knitted bag by Danu

Eight-reef-eight knot white necklace2.jpg

Short Sailors knot necklace by Danu

Purple short scarf4.jpg

Short purple knitted scarf by Danu

About knitting

Two needles. Yarn. A good tutorial. This is all you need.

Users gallery

Beautiful wool and interesting cables make this cowl eye-catching cool weather accessory!

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Easy knitted lace The Craft Gallery on Crafty MEME

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